Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

For players who had a chance to play the Ultimate 10x Wild Slot online can happily confirm that perhaps, there hasn't been any other slot machine game that gives them the excitement they feel when playing Ultimate 10x Wild slot. In addition, the game has only 3-reels, which makes it easier to play the game and concentrate on a small number of manageable reels.

About Ultimate 10X Wild & WGS

With a simple style, WGS has decided to incorporate some traditional slots, which were first introduced to Las Vegas casinos to give clients the actual value of what they pay. Interestingly, WGS offers some excellent news with a massive progressive prize of a whopping $10,000! However, even after giving you a lucrative bonus, the gaming developer tells you that the progressive jackpot is not the only authentic way of landing yourself on big wins.

How to Play & Win

Several other ways can earn a dangerous player some real cash. However, players would have to use their skill and luck to stand a decent chance of attaining significant winnings playing Ultimate 10X Wild Slots. However, the slot's interface is easy to use. Users have termed it one of the most extraordinary and enjoyable interfaces they have ever found on any online slots campaign. As a result, creating your bets is a simple business on Ultimate 10X Wild Slots. Besides, it's simple to recognize and read through some of the classical signs and symbols in this online game.

Mobile Game for iOS & Android

Whether you use a desktop or mobile phone on Android, Windows, or iOS, you can carry on your betting experience when you please. Some players who place their bets on the online slot claim with certainty that Ultimate 10X Wild slots are so far the most uncomplicated, fastest, and perhaps the most straightforward 3-reel online slots to wager on and enjoy. Social optimization makes it elaborate to operate, navigate and place a bet on a Smartphone, tablet, or even a desktop.

Paytable & Symbols

It is surprising how WGS has intertwined traditional and contemporary symbols to create a unique gaming experience for all who seek to enjoy the slot machine game online. A couple of Wild icons, which dominate modern online slots, will complement what classic signs such as dollar signs, cherries, and bells provide to a gambler. There's little doubt that those used to place bets on slots that contain classic characters will find it incredible to wager on a game that resonates with them. However, even as they get the best of what they have been with for a long, various wild symbols will also fascinate them.


The game bills itself as the Ultimate, with 10X Wild attached. It sure comes close. There are nine winning combos possible, and this keeps the wagering manageable. The two Wild icons add a touch of magic and more than a handful of luck to the game flow, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the frequency of their appearance. The Ultimate 10X Wild symbol pays out ten times your bet if you get only one on the pay line. Suppose you get two that go up to 100 times your triggering stake. The progressive jackpot does not harm either, and an attractive addition it is as well. The paytable appears at the top of the screen, and you can check your balance anytime during the game. You can check the values of the symbols, your credit, and the combined deals. It is worth reading before you set out on real money wagering since you can win 30,000 coins with a three-coin bet is excellent news in anyone's book. Two coins win you 20,000, and a single currency can realistically net you 10,000! The intense excitement is prevalent from start to finish.

Betting Options

The 3-reel, one payline layout is straightforward to operate and pleasant to experience when you play. It isn't much you have to master, and after a couple of spins, the game system becomes straightforward to use. Wagering is an enjoyable process that allows an abundance of bet options. The coins provide variety, and they start from $0.01, rising as follows $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $3, $2, $4, and the top limit is $5 per coin. Up to three coins can be on all paylines, thereby creating a maximum bet of $15.

Game Controls & Features

The betting system is straightforward to control with the gameplay control buttons located on the large taskbar at the base of the game screen. They include all the game control buttons for Spin or Bet, Up or Down, and set your betting amount. In addition, there's a helpful AutoPlay button mode that allows placing a fixed number of automatic spins. Finally, once a winning payout prize is registered, the reels automatically cease.

Wilds & Win Multipliers

With any 3x Wild symbol landing on the reels, players' wins are boosted considerably with a 3x Wild multiplier! When two characters appear on the reels, a colossal multiplier of 9x the bet amount makes the payout even juicier. It gets better and better. The 10x Wild is another dominant symbol players will hope to have landed on the reels. You can then feast your eyes on a sweet 10x multiplier if one symbol lands. However, with two characters, players will receive a massive 100x multiplier, and that is just about one of the most significant slot multipliers one will ever come across. The Ultimate 10x Wild progressive jackpot can pay out randomly after every natural money spin, and should players see it hovering around the $10,000 mark, and it will pay out very soon.


Upon checking out the features, bonuses, payouts, and progressive jackpots, you have to admit the slot game is highly entertaining and very impressive. It has absolutely everything you could ask for, from several Wild symbols to win multipliers, taking in a progressive jackpot. The wagering is excellent, and the topmost betting limit of $15 a spin may not seem like much. However, it is sufficient to produce very high energy wagering and high roller stakes. The slot game delivers you the ultimate gaming experience! There have been several slot winners playing the game so far, and undoubtedly there will be many more. The game deserves a pretty good rating of 8 out of 10, and it comes highly recommended. Why not discover the pure thrills of this classic, traditional casino game brought vividly to life. Prepare for a Wild casino ride.