Safari Stampede Slots

Safari Stampede draws inspiration from the great plains of Africa. This fascinating video site will take you to the fantastic world of African savannas and rain forests, teeming with endangered species ready to help you achieve great success. So it's time for another Safari trip!

About Safari Stampede

Safari Stampede is an African slot game with a fantastic wildlife theme where you will spin the wheels of this world full of wildlife with free spins to win big prizes. Safari Stampede takes inspiration from the great plains found throughout Africa, full of beautiful species of animals ready for your next trip! Spinning any reel in these 5 x 5 slots will feature a variety of native species such as zebras and giraffes making it as ideal for lovers of animals as it is for brave travelers.

Design And Soundtrack

The beautiful design and rhythmic music take inspiration from the Lion King song that fits in with its proud background, which is sure to make it feel powerful without taking too many hours or days to explore. Do you have the courage to face a dangerous world of incredible animals part of our planet?

Betting Options, RTP, And Symbols

This slot game includes a standard five × three grid with ten fixed pay lines and a return on the player value of approximately 96%. The lowest bet per line is roughly $0.01, which means that the lowest chance is $0.1, which can be considered very low compared to other available slot games with a maximum of ten bets per round! There are four symbols representing animals: birds, elephants, gorillas, and rhinos, while the African-style playing card suits make up the lower payout category for this machine.

Free Spins And Respins

Safari Stampede is one of the most exciting slots games. Free spins are activated if you earn at least three bonus points, and depending on how many wrists you get, you can get eight, ten, or twelve, with every spin giving a different number of issues up to 100x with the arrival of five lions! In addition, the respin function works with the Wild Reel land that will bring one space closer to your winner in each turn and as long as it lasts; this includes triggering double winnings during those re-spins too!


It's an exciting Dragon Gaming video slot. The attractive design has a relaxing, rhythmic song inspired by the music created by Lion King and very similar to the game's background. In addition, high-quality graphics and clean animation make it an exciting experience for players of all interests and skill levels. Therefore, this online slot machine can delight any player.