Lucky Lagoon Slots

Lucky Lagoon slot has a treasure waiting for you in its depths. With 5 reels and 5 pay lines you'll have plenty of opportunities to place your bets. The games mystical theme creates an immersive gaming experience making it a relaxing choice, for wagering. As you play various themed symbols will appear on the reels adding color, animation and excitement to the gameplay. These symbols enhance the effect of the game. Make it more enjoyable. Whether you're playing on your device or using Instant Play this game is designed to be stylish and work seamlessly across all platforms.

Exploring the Symbols in the Lagoon

Prepare to be delighted by the designed symbols that grace the reels of this game. They form a collection that all ties, into the theme seamlessly. Look out for an Anchor, a Butterfly, the Casino Logo, a Dolphin swaying Palm Trees, an adventurous Surfer and even a mighty Whale. Each symbol fits perfectly within the theme. Contributes to creating thrilling gameplay.

Lucky theme and symbols

The Lucky theme of this slot very good game is enhanced by its abundance of symbols that bring a touch to the overall experience. The graphics are impressively well crafted and the betting process offers a range of options that cater to budgets. Step into the crystal waters of Lucky Lagoon. Uncover the hidden treasures waiting for you. This very nice slot game embraces simplicity, which only adds to its appeal. The great theme seamlessly blends with the nice symbols creating a very good experience.

Captivating Wheel of Fortune

One standout feature, in Lucky Lagoon is its very captivating Wheel of Fortune set against a nice backdrop. While the payouts may not be very massive they come frequently due to the number of symbols very much increasing your chances of winning big.

Betting options for Lucky Lagoon

Lucky Lagoon slots offer very good betting options thanks to its 5 reel and 5 payout line setup. You can choose from coin values ranging from $0.01 up, to a coin size of $10.

The maximum bet you'll be able to place per spin is a $50. To control your betting you can use the game buttons that are clearly displayed on your screen for access, during gameplay.

Paying jackpot feature

Playing Lucky Lagoon is most thrilling when you hit the paying jackpot feature. If you manage to activate the game symbol it could change your life with a cash prize of $100,000. The nice game controls are intuitive with on screen buttons making it really very easy to place bets. You have the flexibility to choose your payout lines since they are adjustable. However if you bet the coin sizes on all pay lines your chances of winning a very nice payout improve significantly. The range of betting options caters, to players of all types.

For convenience Lucky Lagoon offers a very good AutoPlay function that allows you to set up your spins. The spins will stop if you win a very good payout run out of your credits or manually end the feature.

Casino logo symbol

When playing Lucky Lagoon slot game keep an eye out for the Casino Logo symbol as it holds the magic and can reward you with payouts.

If you decide to place yours bets on all the pay lines and use the coin values there's a chance to win an impressive jackpot of, up to 10,000 valuable coins. That's quite a nice prize. Remember, it's only achievable when you bet on all five pay lines.

Lucky Lagoon slot offers a very good gaming experience with its five reels. What sets it very much apart is its deviation from the seen slot games that are very overloaded with very nice features that are flooding the market nowadays. With its easily manageable wagering process Lucky Lagoon slot provides a very top notch casino gaming experience while allowing for betting limits of up to $50, per spin.