King Tiger Slots

The King Tiger slot is truly an captivating game that stands out from the rest. It brings a change, in tone offering a gaming experience. The symbols used in the game are not beautiful but also intriguing. The theme itself is quite uncommon. Provides a backdrop for exciting wagering action. Whats even better is that the mobile version of the game adds another dimension allowing players to fully enjoy it on their phones or tablets. The betting options are more than satisfactory giving players plenty of choices and delivering thrilling casino action that everyone can appreciate. This slot game truly lives up to its name as a king with its abundance of winning opportunities.

King Tiger symbols and theme

When it comes to symbols the King Tiger takes stage as the powerful one among them all. Alongside this creature players will encounter impressive animals typically found in Asian settings such as antelopes, buffaloes, elephants and elegant herons. Completing the lineup of symbols are high value cards representing numbers nine and ten along with Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

The overall theme of this slot game revolves around animals creating an experience, for players.

The main character of the game is called Tiger King, which serves as its mascot. The slot offers twenty five combinations of symbols that result in a payout when similar symbols land, on the reels forming a winning line. The game has a theme. Features various animals that add a mystical charm. Moreover the stylish design of the game is visually appealing.

Payouts and paytable

Regarding payouts and the paytable if all five elephant icons appear on the reels players can win up to 5,000 coins. The other high value symbols offer frequent payouts. You can find a list of values for each symbol easily accessible on the paytable. Due to its simplicity players will quickly grasp the mechanics of the game with learning curve.

King's betting options

King Tiger Slots provides betting options to accommodate a range of wagering preferences. Players place their bets on the 5 reels and 25 pay lines where symbols appear. There are coin values to cater to every players budget creating a smooth and enjoyable wagering experience. Coin sizes start from $0.01. Go up to $10 per coin offering plenty of choices. Additionally players can place bets with a limit of $250, per spin.

High rollers will definitely be impressed, with this one! Even newcomers can enjoy the game with its betting options while still experiencing all the features it has to offer.

Free spins and scatter feature

The absence of a dedicated bonus game is not a problem here since there are spins which are just as good! To trigger the spins round all you need to do is match three flower Scatter symbols on any of the reels. Once activated players will instantly receive ten spins.. If luck is on your side and you manage to land another three Scatters during the round you'll get more stacked free spins that can lead to better payouts. The best part is that there's no limit to how times you can reactivate these spins during the round so theoretically you could win an unlimited number!

When it comes to symbols the Wild Tiger is truly remarkable. It acts as a game icon. When it appears it works its magic by substituting all other symbols except for the Scatter. This significantly increases your chances of winning payouts. The Wild Tiger symbol and the Flower Scatter symbol offer opportunities, for winning payouts. Fortunately they appear enough to keep things exciting and provide those increased payouts we're all looking for.

King Tiger is a slot game that stands out from the rest. It offers a user wagering system and an immersive theme that surrounds the spinning reels. With 25 pay lines to bet on and various coin sizes there's plenty of entertainment and options, for betting. The vibrant symbols in the game enhance the experience.