Fortune Frog Slots

Fortune Frog is a real money slot with excellent audiovisuals and unique features, including a jackpot. However, you do not always want to go fast, and we do not want to ruin bankrolls all the time, and there are times when we want to kick off an old chair and relax.

About Fortune Frog

Fortune Frog by RealTime Gaming has five lines and three rows and offers 243 ways to win. Ideally, the Fortune Frog slot does not have the Free Spins feature. However, it provides explosive signals and Cascading Reels, and you'll rarely see an RTG slot with a Cascading machine. Therefore, it is almost perfect for regular slot machine players online. It explains why it only gives you a minor jackpot of 150x your stake. In addition, RealTime Gaming dresses well with high-quality images. You'll get the impression that the theme has an Asian movement. Fortune Frog works like a charm on small screens and looks excellent on Android iPhones and slots. Thus, real money slots players can play Fortune Frog at any RTG casino. Real-Time Gaming did not announce the betting coin ad the 150x jackpot anyway.

Theme And Symbols

Fortune Frog takes slot players to the rain forest. That is where you can find the most exciting species of frogs, so why not? The back is green, and there are many relaxing colors, making the whole fun to play. In addition, the visual and audio features of Fortune Frog work well together to create a functional and attractive feel. The list of symbols is also different. Low-paying symbols have values ​​of different colors instead of greeting cards, which is a nice change. On the other hand, signs of high prices have images of animals. The theme is not very special, but the creators of Realtime Gaming have found a lot in it!

Explosive Symbols And Cascading Reels

The game Fortune Frog revolves around its Explosive Symbols. That happens randomly, and there are counting down marks from ten to zero. When the sign goes down, it reaches zero. It explodes and fills spaces with random symbols. When you find a winning combination in it, you will launch the Cascading Reels feature. The feature brings new features and allows you to win together. It removes winning symbols from your reels and enables new characters to enter to replace them. The Cascades will continue till there aren't any more winning combo. There isn't a limit to the payouts you can make. The calculation result is a cool gimmick and gives you something to look forward to while playing.