Polar Heatwave Slots

Dragon Gaming does great things in the context of casino games. And Polar Heatwave features options that players like and need to make the game fun. The game does not have modern-day graphics or very unusual instruments, but this does not make you less involved. And the instability in the middle opens the doors to more players as the game has less risk.

About Polar Heatwave

Dragon Gaming's Polar Heatwave is one of the most unique and beautiful buildings in terms of visuals and gameplay. Based on the aftermath of the melting glaciers, the game celebrates the arrival of summer at the South Pole, allowing the animals to venture out in the winter and enjoy the new warmth of the Sun. The reels feature many exciting symbols, including the pay-per-view cards and the high-paying mid-sized animals such as seagulls, seals, and penguins. The wild symbol represents the penguin, which can replace all the familiar symbols of rats and not the Scatter. Scatter and Bonus symbols are the Sun. Receiving bonus signals means you unlock more free spins to earn rewards and gradually increase your temperature, bringing summer heat to the stake. As the bonuses increase, the temperature rises from 20° C to 0° C to release bonus game features and possibilities.

Theme And Design

Polar Heatwave is about winter and cold habitats that live in penguins, seals, and other creatures. However, as in Heatwave, summer can come to this earth, bringing sunlight and hot styles to the screen. The higher the temperature during the game, the warmer it becomes. But, of course, it would not have gone without the beautiful music and beautiful design that made the background and buttons sway, covered with snow and ice. Polar Heatwave features a 5 x 3 sea-based grid between glaciers. Its symbols have two varieties, designed for both cold and hot methods. There are ten paylines in the basic game, and at the time of the free throw, the paylines pay in both directions. Common signs are frozen card suits and a few animals, including birds, seals, and polar bears. Beautiful Wild Penguins can land up to three mice in the middle of a base game. The Sun bound to make the game hot is a bonus feature with free spins.

Betting Options, RTP, And Volatility

However, the Polar Heatwave slot game has a minimum bet range of $0.20 to $90. So the game is not for hit and demanding players. And yet, this unique gameplay makes for one of the most fun and fantastic game you can have these days.

Free Spins And Bonus Rounds

Here comes the most popular type of bonus. You will need to get three plus sun bonus points to get 10 to 20 free spins. And the thermometer meter adds to the premium, increasing the chances of launching additional features.

Thermometer Feature

Players must collect bonus sunshine points during free throws to make summer come to this country. In each group of 4 bonuses contained, you improve the level of the game, unlocking new features:

Polar Heatwave on Mobile

This winter trip is not only displayed on PC screens but also mobile phones and tablets. The game's adequately compatible with all iOS and Android devices, allowing access anywhere and anytime. Rotate the reels, collect solar panels, and melt ice directly on your phone!