Pirates of The Grand Line Slots

New from the Dragon Gaming stable, Pirates of The Grand Line is a unique criminal adventure with anime style. The game is about one of the most popular arcs, as part of the story and in the anime genre, taking you on a new journey with a group of stunning criminals who are determined to cross the Grand Line and rescue Fist Fist Ace. They have to overcome many challenges to succeed in their quest, and you have to!

About Pirates of the Grand Line

Pirates of the Grand Line is an anime-style space that takes you on a new journey with a team of live pirates. Take a boat to cross the Grand Line and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Fight down the Impel Down to reach and rescue the Fire Fist Ace. Tackle each floor manager to progress to the next level when you become one step closer to victory. This slot game is about an epic arc in anime. Restore every heartbeat and heartbreaking moment.

Payouts And Symbols

There is a good chance of winning in a basic game and a chance to unlock the Free Spins cycle. Landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatters, Jolly Roger flag mark will reward you with 10, 15, or 20 free spins. You can also activate free spins in this round. With 30 scheduled paylines and Random Wilds appearing, there is a good chance you will get some valuable points. However, the biggest challenge in this space is finding the opportunity to navigate the Rescue Ace Bonus Game feature, which opens when three expanded bonus symbols occupy levels 1, 3, and 5.

Bonus Pirates Game

The Bonus game has five different levels, and each one has five levels. Choose the correct department and win a prize by repeating and getting to the next level. If you choose the wrong door, the bonus cycle will end, and you will have failed in your Ace rescue campaign, which is obviously behind the 5th-level door. You'll get to level five and choose the right one if you're lucky enough. However, you will not only save Ace successfully, but you will win a grand prize with a 1,000x multiplier. Ace is behind the door on Level 5, and you will need to negotiate all other levels before you can reach your goal. You will need to choose the correct department to win the multiplication prize and move up to another level at each level. Choose incorrectly, and the bonus cycle ends there. Best luck next time! If the gods of fate are around you and you reach Level 5 ad choose the right door to release Fist Fist Ace, you will get an award with the Great Prize of 1,000x of your basic game betting! That would be a lot of eye drops.